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Large Jesmonite Piece Blue + White Swirl

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Introducing our stunning Large Jesmonite Planter/Candle Jar, crafted with care in our shop located in Flesherton, Ontario. Made with high-quality Jesmonite, this exquisite piece adds an elegant touch to any space. The soft curves and gentle texture of the surface make it a perfect addition to both modern and traditional settings.

Our Large Jesmonite Planter/Candle Jar is a versatile piece that can be used in various ways. It can be used as a stylish planter to showcase your favorite indoor plants, or as a candle jar to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. This planter/candle jar is also available in a range of colors to suit your preferences.

Invest in our Large Jesmonite Planter/Candle Jar today and elevate your home decor to the next level. With its timeless design and superior quality, it is sure to become a cherished addition to your home.

To add a custom poured candle to this piece simply choose the scent you would like. This is 40oz filled and has 3 wicks!

**All candle are made with soy/coconut wax and essential oils. 

Common Questions

1. Question: What is Jesmonite, and why is it special?

Answer: Jesmonite is a versatile eco-friendly material, a combination of acrylic-based resin and natural minerals. What makes it truly special is its stunning resemblance to natural stone, with the added benefits of being lightweight, durable, and environmentally conscious. Our Jesmonite pieces are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring each one is a unique work of art.

2. Question: How can I use Innascents' Jesmonite pieces?

Answer: Our Jesmonite jar pieces are designed to elevate your decor and complement any living space. They serve as stylish and refillable candle holders for our scented bliss, allowing you to enjoy our captivating fragrances in a sustainable manner. Additionally, these artful pieces make beautiful decorative accents on shelves, tables, or anywhere you want to add a touch of elegance.

3. Question: Are the Jesmonite pieces suitable for reuse or repurposing?

Answer: Absolutely! We encourage the reuse and repurposing of our Jesmonite pieces. Once your candle is finished, simply clean the jar, and it's ready to hold your next favorite scent or become a versatile decorative item in your home. Their timeless beauty and durability ensure they can grace your space for years to come, aligning perfectly with our commitment to sustainable living.

These answers provide clarity and insight into the uniqueness of Jesmonite, its versatility as a decorative item and refillable candle holder, and its compatibility with Innascents' focus on sustainability and eco-conscious living.

How to Use

How to Use Innascents' Jesmonite Pieces: Elevate & Reuse

  1. Refill & Revive: Once your Innascents candle has burned down, gently remove any remaining wax residue from the Jesmonite piece.
  2. Clean & Prepare: Wash the Jesmonite piece with mild soap and water to ensure it's free from any debris or candle residue.
  3. Ready to Reuse: Your Jesmonite piece is now a beautiful, refillable candle holder. Choose your favorite Innascents refill and carefully place it into the jar.
  4. Light & Enjoy: Ignite the wick and bask in the captivating fragrance of your renewed Innascents candle experience.
  5. Versatile Decor: When you're not using the Jesmonite piece as a candle holder, display it as a stylish decorative accent in your living space.
  6. Endless Possibilities: Get creative! Use the Jesmonite piece to hold other small items, like jewelry, pens, or even as a small planter.
  7. Share the Journey: Embrace sustainability by gifting your Jesmonite piece to friends or family. Share the joy of Innascents and inspire others to join the eco-conscious movement.

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